Queen Warriors is an online-based workout community that provides weekly live workouts, meal plans, and more for women across the globe.



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Business Objectives:

  • ​Create an engaging funnel and attract maximum buyers with the brand new $99/year offer.
  • ​Significantly increase the number of upsells purchased
  • ​Create a new optimized “top to bottom” funnel


Queen Warriors are competing in one of the most oversaturated industries in the world. With hundreds and thousands of workout brands competing for the attention of the same target audience, it takes the right message and design to stand out.

That’s why they approached us.

Let Us Help You Launch Your First (Or Next) Funnel!


The Queen Warrior team came to us with a funnel in mind. They wanted to offer their program for $99/year as a new year, one-off, special offer.

Our team of Copywriters got to work immediately, drafting new copy that nurtured leads with persuasive writing techniques.

“Companies That Nurture Leads Generate 50% More Sales”

Once approved, our design team dived into creating appealing, conversion-driven pages that matched the Queen Warrior branding and drew potential customers in.

“You Have A Mere 8 Seconds to Ensnare and Captivate Your Audience”












Stage #1: Awareness

  • ​Problem/Need Recognition
  • ​Pain Points
  • ​Educate

Using targeted messages and pain points at the beginning of the funnel meant that the Queen Warrior’s cold audience instantly recognized they had a need that must be filled.

  • ​We created a strong headline hook
  • ​We presented them with a valuable baseline offer
  • ​We made a bold promise that spoke directly to their problem

And that meant they just had to find out more. After building that initial trust through relatable, educational content and speaking directly to their needs, the Queen Warrior’s cold audience quickly became qualified leads who wanted to find out more.

This then allowed us to guide them seamlessly through to the “interest” stage in the funnel.


Stage #2: Interest

  • ​Problem/Need Recognition
  • ​Quick Wins
  • ​Engage Audience

During the interest stage of the funnel, we began forming a deeper relationship with our now warm leads by giving them “quick wins” in the form of:

  • ​Helping them understand their problem
  • ​Answering their unspoken questions
  • ​Testimonials from current members
  • ​Quick solutions to their problems

This then deepened their interest in what the Queen Warrior’s had to offer and reinforced trust, confidence and belief that their problems can, and will be, solved.

The interest stage transformed our warm leads into ready-to-buy leads as they were now engaged, invested and committed to the solution. They were now ready to come to a purchase decision.


Stage #3: Desire

  • ​Urgency
  • ​Proof
  • ​Sell

Here, we began converting problem and solution aware prospects into conversions. To do this, we introduced:

  • ​The Queen Warrior membership
  • ​What they could expect from the community
  • ​A handful of success stories from current members

This triggered emotion, belief and urgency as well as reinforcing that the Queen Warrior’s had the solution to their problem.

Cash prizes were also introduced here to demand attention and inspire our now ready-to-buy leads to take action.


Stage #4: Action

  • ​Beliefs Changed
  • ​Purchase Decision
  • ​Reinforce Value

With effective story-telling, “future pasting” and real-life results, new leads were now able to reach an emotionally driven, yet informed purchase decision within minutes.

To ensure that their purchase experience was positive, we sprinkled stand out call-to-action buttons throughout the page, and created a short, sweet, and simple to follow order form to the page that guided them through the purchase process.


Stage #5: Upsell

  • ​Urgency
  • ​Fear Of Missing Out
  • ​Bonuses

At this point, we had created a red-hot audience who were excited, committed and ready to purchase even more.

"A buyer is 10 times more likely to make another purchase immediately in your sales funnel after buying your initial offer"

So, with carefully crafted messaging that triggered a conditioned response to the “fear of missing out”, we began introducing the Queen Warrior’s upsells.

The Queen Warrior’s provided us with their current upsells, and we tweaked and refined the copy and design to ensure that the UX was seamless and cohesive throughout. We analyzed their customers' pain points further, and then we supplied them with skillfully positioned solutions that would provide them with quicker, more effective, longer-lasting results.

By positioning the right upsells at the right stage of the funnel, we enabled Queen Warriors to upsell to customers 2, 3, even 4 times in a row.


4 Hours | One Funnel

The New & Improved Sales Page 

The New & Improved
Sales Page 

Written & Designed By Experts Sharply Reduced Cost-Per-Lead & Skyrocketed Sales


Over 700 One-Time-Offers And Downsells Sold In 4 Hours


Focusing on key pain points & results significantly reduced ad spend & earnings per click


Reaching out to customers at every TouchPoint meant that we kept prospects moving further through down the funnel

Here's What Happened In Just 4 Hours...

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